sábado, 19 de maio de 2012

177. Darling (I’m Here For You)

Darling, darling we're twisted on the ground
And everything around us is nothing but a blur...
Light and dark are mixed on the wall
Magical sources but I'm not really sure.
Fading screamings breaking in the night
Activate my creativity 'cause I'm a promise in disguise.

It's only a piece of who I really am, don't you understand?
I'm here for you...
It's another face of my master plan, won't you take my hand?
I'm scared too...

Trippin', risin' up 'til the cloud 9
Corageous, outrageous while tasting mushroom tea
Fire tongues flying on the sky, who'd turn off the mourning light?
I was born on 1991, look what I've becoooooome!

"Poderia não fazer sentido... Poderia ser uma música, fácil, fácil..."

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