domingo, 23 de setembro de 2012

195. Kaleidoscope (Caleidoscópio)

I was so concentrated watching the whole universe into a kaleidoscope that I forgot to look deep inside my heart; I forgot to observe all the ones around me and all their intentions, the good and the bad ones.
But it's like they used to say, once weakened always suspicious...
But I am a true believer... I'm a hiker into this liberty walk that believe one day I'll found someone who cares about me, truly.
So here from now I'll eye this kaleidoscope to inside instead far away to find out about me and about my feelings; Maybe I'll see something brighter than the stars... Most precious than gold.

"You have to take me with you if you don't wanna lose me..."

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Bruno Etílico disse...

É bom antes de sair se confundindo em cores e formas, prestar atenção ao físico-não-abstrato ao seu redor :)

e, olha, amigo, se serve de dica: extraia logo todos de uma vez. é apenas um sofrimento...