sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

78. New Mercy's In The Morning (Tutto il Male)

Chance and choice break my heart as my guilty arms move to save me but I am condemned.
There's nothing for me to do. I've tried everything that I could.
But I didn't believe him although he gave me the right to live costing him his life and I don't have the right, now mercy's in the morning.
And I left his arms empty and tied
Outstreched for me until he died.
God, I know that no man show greater love...
Then when a man lay down for his beloved.
But I believe...
What if I believe You now?
Could it ever changes this?
Forgive me, believe me...
Please come back to life!
Come back to my life!

"Liberami di tutto il male, amen".

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Paulo Braccini disse...

Haverá o retorno pq não? Se assim estiver escrito ele voltará ... confie ...



Arthur Alter L. disse...

Where there love is, no matter how far it goes, no matter what and even if you have mistaken... love stands on it and always returns.
It's his destiny to fill the lover's heart so be still and believe.
I loved to find you...

Cristiano Contreiras disse...

sensivel e intenso seu espaço!

sigo seus passos. abraço

Daniel Braga disse...

Aff! Vou precisar de um tradutor... =p

Daniel Braga disse...

Obrigado mesmo à todos que comentaram.

~Até a próxima.