sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

232. Slammed the Door (Não Valia A Pena)

He was angry; and doesn't wanted affection, flowers or any kind of love. His hopes and dreams were broken; his thoughts, corrupted. Rage was constant in his vision field. Tiny little tears formed at his green eyes were evidencing everything he was feeling.
Falling in desillusion and with trembling hands he couldn't say a word. So he looked around and picked up a few things, only what he could carry; and without a demur he slammed the door and left away. He felt it didn't worth it.

"Ele apenas sentiu que não valia a pena..."

2 Manifestações:

FOXX disse...

nossa, escreveu pra mim?

railer disse...

infelizmente tem coisas que não são pra ser...